2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break

It’s well documented on my blog that Bowman is my favorite product to rip. Not only Bowman, but Bowman Chrome, and the popular Mega Boxes. Bowman Chrome now has Mega Boxes that hit retail stores and this week they began showing up at Wal-Mart stores. I was lucky to find one and here is my 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box break.

2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Box Break

Before we get to the break, here is the down low on this year’s product. The 2021 Bowman Chrome Mega Boxes carry a retail price of $39.98. Each mega box contains five packs of Bowman Chrome with five cards per pack. Additionally, the chase is the two Mega Box refractor packs of five cards each.

Just weeks ago the Bowman Chrome hobby boxes hit the market and depending where you bought them carried a hefty price tag between $200 and $350 per hobby box. That breaks down to $3.33 per card on the low side ($200 hobby box) to $5.83 per card on the high end ($350 hobby box).

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